White leather wallet from Ulterior Motive


With a lot of wallets being natural colored or black(ish), there’s always room for some variations. At Ulterior Motive we have always tried to branch out a little to do the unexpected and alternative. This white leather wallet is a clear example of that.

Of course, it’s also available as a black leather wallet or natural leather.

Ok, so this one files under “shameless self promotion”, we know. But still – we (and I now refer to Ulterior Motive as “we”) love wallets as well. And since you’re here, we’re guessing you do too. Or at least that you’re fairly interested. ;)

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Ulterior Motive Bone Leather Wallet — твой блокнот — твой гид по записным книжкам — Блог о записных книжках added these pithy words on May 24 11 at 07:01

it is a very simple leather wallet. I like it.

Raoco Wallets added these pithy words on Feb 11 11 at 03:25

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